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I'll try and keep this short as I can because I'm like you and I won't read a hell of a lot if I see too many words!! 

As you know I have never put my hand out in the request for anything from you so for me to do so is a tough thing to do. So here goes... 

Shortly after my dad died I was left broken, angry and confused. I was all these emotions at myself, at him and at the world. 

I think we live an insular life until we are faced with tragedy or death. Well, I certainly did anyhow. So it was weird because I had this idea to make a personal change and start giving back where I could for whatever I thought was a good cause. I have supported Breast Cancer Charities, Children's Cancer Charities (Starlight, Make a wish) and various other institutions but they were my main ones. Never asking but giving which I will continue to do. 

But I need to feel like I'm putting in. Giving for mine is easy, asking and giving is a challenge for me. 

The timing could not be more right for this and for me to change and ASK. I have had enough of Cancer I am surrounded by it more today than I have ever been in my life. From relatives, friends, acquaintances and now my best mate.... 

Losing Dad was SO hard but watching the struggle of so many after that with a different perspective is SO MUCH harder. 

Why this charity you may ask.... Well, James the charity founder has a story like mine. He lost his Mum, and then 12 months later his Dad was diagnosed with Cancer and lost him as well. My roles were a little reversed but Dad was first then mum was diagnosed not long after. Again luckily for me, my mother is still fighting but the battle is getting harder and time is ticking. 

That was enough of synergy for my support but then it's a SHITBOX Rally and my bloody father spent his entire early career in his 20's and 30's selling SHITBOX cars. He would be spinning in his grave with joy imagining me take on this, and spewing he didn't come up with the idea himself when he was alive. Although he would have probably been grinding his teeth at the potential car yard opportunity at the finish line! 

This of course is not all about me David MacDonald my CoPilot has not only been a big part of Dad's journey but also has had his own family, friends and acquaintances that have suffered from this insidious disease.

David and I will share our individual stories with you over the journey and shout out and dedicate parts this adventure to those that are fighting this battle or have sadly lost the battle.

We thank you so much in advance for taking the time if you got to here! I'll be even more chuffed if you can contribute to the cause if you have the means.. "Throw us a bone" 

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Here's what I'm doing …

Shitbox Rally is the adventure of a lifetime challenging participants and their cars, worth no more than $1,000, this year for the 10th year anniversary rally, over a 7 day across Australia endeavour to raise money for cancer research.

The rally is not a race – it’s a fun, colourful, unpredictable adventure with participants travelling at their own pace in smaller groups. Vehicles often break down but “we never leave anyone behind” and each night is spent camping beneath the stars and celebrating the day’s achievements. It all adds up to an incredible opportunity to see Australia’s vast and beautiful countryside and make lifelong friends, many brought together after experiencing cancer themselves or seeing cancer impact family and friends.

Since it’s inception the rally has been the largest fundraiser for the Cancer Council nationally.

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CaddyShack Feed
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6 months ago

Well the journey has begun with dropping of the hammer on our Shitterbox! Team Caddyshack will be travelling through the desert in style! 1995 BMW 7 Series will be our choice of shit steed for this adventure.. With a V8 engine that sounds as thirsty as her pilots, she sure is up to the challenge of taking us on from a litres per hour, per day, per kg challenge!

Next step.. Pick her up and we will give you a video of the inside and out to show you and us what the challenges are that lie ahead on getting this baby to Townsville!!

9 hours ago

This update comes with mixed emotions, but the overwhelming emotion is gratitude. I'm not going to get deep here but to put it simply the BMW was just far too shit and we would have spent an absorbent amount of money on getting her to the start line, which in our mind could be better spent going directly to the cause.. So in flies our first Angel.... Dorothy Shields (the mother of good friends Greg and Craig Fitch) Donating her beloved Fairmont Ghia to us for the Rally. We thank you Dorothy from the bottom of or hearts and we will keep you posted on your car's progression into the 'CaddyShack Mobile' *Photos of the car to come*

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The Impact, Outcomes & Charity

Shitbox Rally is a dedicated fundraising event for cancer research with funds going to Cancer Council.

Cancer Council is one of the largest non-government funders of cancer research in Australia. We conduct and fund research studies across all cancers and all stages of the cancer journey.

Thanks to the community funds raised such as Shitbox Rally we can fund world-class research that reduces the impact of cancer for everyone.

Almost $15 million has been raised by Box Rallies to date, supporting ground-breaking projects such as:

  • A research study to develop a vaccine that protects against lymphoma cancers.
  • A research trial to standardise international guidelines on melanoma removal.
  • A research grant to revolutionise the treatment of pancreatic cancer.

These projects wouldn’t be possible without your support.